Music & Play CLASSES 

Ages: Mixed ages, 8 months to 3 yrs old.

PACKAGE: 8 consecutive weeks, 1 class p/week, beginning the next schedule class date after registration date.

DATES and TIMES: TUE or WED 9am (English) or FRI 9am (in SPANISH) 

FEE: $240.00 child with 1 adult

CLASS Duration: 45 minutes

LOCATION: Silly Monkeys Playhouse

Classes must be consumed during the package, due to space limitation and CV guidelines, make ups are ONLY AVAILABLE if we have spaces open in other classes.

Our classes are ongoing all year around, you can start a silly session any time is convenient for you, when you REGISTER, your session STARTS. Should you do not find a specific class available, please check weekly, as classes availability could change in a weekly base.

Sessions are Non refundable - Non trasferable.





Price: $240.00
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