Music & Playground CLASSES 

Ages: Mixed ages, 8 months to 3 yrs old.

PACKAGE: 8 consecutive weeks, 1 class p/week, your sesssion begins inmediatly after registration date on the week day and hour of your selected class.

DATES and TIMES: TUE or WED 9am (English) or FRI 9am (in SPANISH) 

FEE: $240.00 child with 1 adult

CLASS Duration: 45 minutes

LOCATION: Silly Monkeys Playhouse

Our classes are ongoing all year around, you can start a silly session any time is convenient for you, when you REGISTER, your session STARTS. Should you do not find a specific class available, please check weekly, as classes availability could change in a weekly base.

Sessions are Non refundable - Non trasferable.





Price: $240.00
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