PRIVATE classes



To create a PRIVATE groups, please emails a request at with the date and time of interest.  Private groups require a minimun of 5 children register. If you are not part of a private group, please do not register under Private classes but choose from Online, Outdoors, Silly Homeschool or Music & Playground classes. Feel free to email us should you have any questions 

Private groups can be cater to your needs and desire like MUSIC only or Music and Playground starting at 1 to 5 yrs old.

Maximum 10 children per class 

PACKAGE: 8 weeks 1 class p/week

FEES: Music only: $240.00/child with 1 adult Music & Playground $280.00

fees acre based on 1 child accompanied by an adult

CLASS Duration: Music 30 minutes Music and Playground 45 minutes


Parents participation is more fun for all of us! specially during lap rides!

Classes must be consumed during the package, due to space limitation, make ups are non-transferable to a regular indoor class or outdoor classes, only to online classes, please request your ZOOM ID via email if you miss a class.

Must folllow SMP Covid19 guidelines



PRIVATE classes

Price: $240.00
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