OUTDOORS classes


MUSIC starting at 8 months to 3 yrs old. Spanish and English combine. Maximum 8 children per class 

PACKAGE: 6 weeks 1 class p/week

HOURS: on WEDNESDAY 9am or, 9:45am or, 10:30am or 11:15am

FEE: $180.00 child with 1 adult

CLASS Duration: 30 minutes

LOCATION: at a PARK in Coconut Grove


Parents participation is more fun for all of us! specially during lap rides!

After you register you will be receiving an email with a list of instruments or alternative kitchen tools that will substitute the instrument. You do NOT need to purchase new instruments. Sample instrument:  Drum - Plastic Salad bowl or Tupperware

Classes must be consumed during the package, due to space limitation, make ups are non-transferable to a regular indoor class or outdoor class, only to online classes, please request your ZOOM ID via email if you miss a class.

Rainy days will be reschedule to afternoons or another day, you will be notify by email when changes are done

Must folllow SMP Covid19 guidelines http://www.sillymonkeysplayhouse.com/covid19.html

DUE TO GUIDELINES and Social distancing restrictions sessions are NON REFUNDABLE - NON TRASFERABLE.


OUTDOORS classes

Price: $180.00
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