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MUSIC starting at 12 months to 5 yrs old. Spanish and English combine TUE 9am NEW HOUR

PACKAGE: 6 weeks 1 class p/week

DATE and TIME TUE at 9am

FEE: $120.00 p/family maximum 2 siblings.

CLASS Duration: 30 minutes


Parents participation is more fun for all of us! specially during lap rides!

To help us interact more with your child, please make sure when you log into the online class that your child name appears on the screen (only last name initial required).
Emails will be sent to all class members with class passcodes and a list of materials needed to be prepared prior to ZOOM classes like homemade music instruments. We will try to use common materials that are easy to find in most homes to create our own instruments and art projects.

Classes must be consumed during the online package, non-transferable to a regular Monkey class or outdoors classes.

Non refundable - Non transferable.


ONLINE classes

Price: $120.00
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